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           I have experienced the best workshop by HEMA FOUNDATION. It was a 6 days session that has taught us numerous lessons on how to inculcate VALUES in students of all ages. The way Dr. Chinu Agrawal Ma'am taught us, the way of understanding a child & what as a parent, as a teacher or as an elder we can give to the child. The importance of warmth & control is one of the topics covered by her and was explained superbly by her. Dr. Seema Negi ma'am taught us Experiential Learning so nicely with different experiences & examples. Mrs. Anita ma'am showed us the way of teaching Values to students, through the medium of stories. The stories which she had shared were a source of knowledge, value & extreme inspiration. Dr. Vijayam  Ravi ma'am taught us the significance of a 'Guru' in everyone's life. The message given by her was "Teachers are appointed not to cover the planned part of the syllabus, but to uncover the minds of students" - and these words truly touched my heart. The session by Dr. Rakesh Jain sir was also one of the fruitful sessions I have attended in which I have learned about Life Instincts & Death Instincts and we should always accept ourselves to learn better & to do better. I have learned that Values can be achieved by practicing it every single day & by being a model of Values in front of our students & children. I would now like to conclude my words by thanking all the dignitaries & Thanks to Mr. Arvind Pandey Sir. Now, this is my duty to share the lessons which I have learned with my fellow teachers and students.
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