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Part 1 & 2

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In this story , a sculptor openly challenges the king to solve a puzzle posed by him. The king and his courtesans try their very best but are unable to solve it. Watching the discomfort of her father, the princess, confronts the challenge with all her dexterity, solves the puzzle and dents the pride of the sculptor.

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It is observed that when faced with small challenges and non-acceptance in life , children develop an inferiority complex. An obese boy when made fun of, loses confidence and goes in to a shell, missing out on opportunities to move ahead in life. This story is of a boy, whose name leads to a complex he cannot get over.

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We find all the love and affection from our parents. They  worry for us all the time and take care of our every little need. They do everything for us and ensure that we are out of harm's way always, even at the cost of being hurt themselves. We tend to believe that their love for us is actually their responsibility. We believe that whatever they do for us is their duty. But is such a thinking correct? With this short film we wish to create awareness that is Parents who are our real Gods.

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In old age. People suffer from a small emotional weakness. They start having expectations from their children. They desire that their children should understand their emotional needs and give them these small joys but the irony is that the children have everything but these small joys, which are very inexpensive and so they deprive the elders and cause sadness to them.

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It has been observed that some children are habituated to making all sorts of excuses to stay away from work. Samir is one such boy whose methods upset his parents.

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To get scared or to scare somebody by itself is not at all a measure of bravery or cowardice. The person who gets scared is one who is unaware of the situation and the person who scares the other is at the top, but this situation is of his own making. And so in such situation one person commits the mistake of considering himself week and the other commits the mistake of considering himself strong and capable.

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Hope, is the faith that a person has of achieving positive results connected with the incidents of life and the circumstances. Hope is different from the Optimistic thinking which points to a treatment or regular process which is used in psychology to counteract the Pessimistic mental state.

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Every person has some bad or strange habits. Some have the habit of never being punctual some have the habit of telling lies. Some sleep till very late, some make noises while chewing and eating. Every one of us want to change our one or the other habit. Some do succeed in changing them but some remain helpless. Well, as long as your some habit does not create any problem for someone else, It perhaps does not matter, but if they influence someone else’s life negatively then it is necessary to change it, Otherwise they could create problems for you and someone who is near and dear to you.

Part 3 & 4

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It is so important to be honest to be able to find happiness in life. Honesty not only in work, but also in behavior, words and complete demeanor. Our this story is of a kid, who loses all peace and happiness due to a small greed.

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Times have changed so much that we have forgotten the definition of Idols. We idolize those who live in a world of showmanship and flamboyance, whereas our Indian culture has produced great men with such immense knowledge and talent that the world bowed before them. This story is an attempt to show that despite being modern we can walk the path of simplicity  and achieve greatness.

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Our this story is based on those children who compete with their classmates on every possible thing. If a classmate does anything apart from studies, the other immediately starts copying him or her, without even thinking about the end result and understanding whether the task can be accomplished or not.

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Friends are an integral part of our lives, who can influence us both negatively and positively. So it is important that we make the right choice of friends as this would significantly determine what kind of human beings we become.

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Curiosity is the need to know something new. This is a story of parth who is extremely inquisitive. Every child has an inherent ability of inquisitiveness.  Curiosity is parth's talent, which some people fail to understand.

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Time is such a small word but its power supercedes the whole universe. Even our planet earth  is bound to move in time. Just imagine the consequences if the earth were to take 23 hours instead of the usual 24, to revolve around the sun. When such a power follows time, how important it is for people like us to honor time.

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Even today, quite a few of us believe and are deeply influenced by things we consider lucky. There are people who find some number lucky, some color lucky. But is this really true? Can a thing, place, way, direction, number or color be lucky and influence one’s rationale? To find out, watch this film.

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This is a story of a boy named Raju, who just cannot bear to see any one in trouble. He is always willing to extend a helping hand selflessly, expecting nothing in return. It is said that any good work never goes waste. Does Raju get rewarded for his good deeds?? To find out, watch this touching story.

Part 5 & 6

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It is essential to know the importance of truth. It is observed that for  small and short term gains man resorts to lies.  He does not even realise when these lies become a habit. This story tells us that hiding the truth  and accepting lies could prove so costly …

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Unexpected situations often come up in life. This is a story of two children at home, whose parents are out for a party. Sensing an opportunity, two dangerous thieves enter their home.  To know how the two children bravely tackle the situation, watch this movie “ sahas”

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The Lord blessed us with two eyes to see and a brain to analyze and  understand. Using these we are able to form what is called a view point. This story is of two students who look at the world differently realizing the importance of a view point.

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In today's Digital world, it is difficult for some people to have Faith in God. They believe that God does not do anything. It is we who make things happen with our hard work. And then there are people who believe in working hard and have immense faith in God. Every day they never forget to thank God and keep working towards their goals. So whom do we follow ? The ones who have no faith or the ones who have unflinching faith in God? Perhaps this story has an answer to our dilemma.

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Many a times, the happiness felt when helping others , is much above what is felt when doing something for self. This is a story of a girl who is always ready to help. Such people win the hearts of not only their family but of all whose lives they touch.

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People keep their own house clean but when it comes to the subject of keeping their neighborhood, their city, their country clean, then they feel that it is some one else’s responsibility. Therefore we have limited hands who clean and unlimited hands who spread garbage and filth. Do you not feel that some more hands should also join the limited hands who would take responsibility on themselves to promote this “Swachta Abhiyan - Cleanliness Movement”, this commitment and forge ahead !..

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True involvement is the quality which takes the man to his desires goal and aim. There are other ingredients also which are needed for success but as oil is the most needed matter for lighting a lamp, similarly true and deep involvement is a necessary element, for achieving success, If there is a dearth of this quality then we would not be able to achieve anything inspite of having all other materials and instruments.

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If it said that as God cannot be physically present everywhere, so he created a mother. Mother is also the first and the greatest “Teacher, Guru” of a child. She desires to give every type of happiness to her child. But a mother finds it difficult to look after her child, if she does not have a husband to give her support. But inspite of this the mother never accepts defeat; she continues to make every possible effort for the happiness and a golden future for her child.

Part 7 & 8

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Often It Is parents who worry about their children and make plans for their future but there are some children who from very young age are farsighted and make plans for the entire life of their old parents. Can there be anything more that children can do as a duty towards their parents?

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Success usually brings in arrogance and vanity. Some people consciously  manage to stay clear but some people are unable to do that. This story is of Dr. Avinash , a successful doctor but an arrogant person.

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All like to be in the vicinity of a person with whom they feel happy communicating.  It is our sweet speech which attracts people to us. Despite this, many people to choose to be arrogant and impolite, inducing bitterness.

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Friends, we always tend to believe that with money we can buy or destroy anything, just because we have paid for it. Though we have paid for them, the resources we have are a property of the society and nation at large. Even today, there is a large segment of population which barely manages a square meal. There are villages where there is no light, no drinking water. Despite knowing all, we continue to waste and ill-treat these resources, ignoring our duties and obligation. The following story depicts our insensitivity …

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Time gives its legacy to only the strong and brave. This is absolutely true but to retain this legacy some special qualities are required. We can learn from the life story of a great warrior Maharana Pratap. To protect his motherland he fought all his life, spent days in forests, suffered all sorts of hardships, even went without normal food and had to eat bread made out of forest grass! Can there be a more glorious example of courage, bravery and fortitude!

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Praise, appreciation! It feels good when someone praises you but you should realize that you do not get it easily you have to earn it, by your work, by skill. If you see that somebody has become worthy of sweet words of praise today realize that he must have heard some bitter words too in the past. races, ignoring our duties and obligation. The following story depicts our insensitivity …

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Culture is called the traditional but progressive life style of human beings. Culture is the invaluable property of a country, If the country can be called a body then the culture is its soul. It is a legacy of our ancestors and to save, protect and preserve it is our collective responsibility so that the generations who are with us and would come after us also can know and understand it. If the culture is destroyed then the very foundation of civilization is shaken. Culture contains some bases which keeps it alive.

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A family is not made of one person. It is made of many persons so it is not the responsibility of only one person to keep it intact but all of them should do their share of the work. Old age is a mid-way station and everyone has to come to it, some time or the other. It may happen that those very same habits of your elders, which are irritable to you today may become a part of your nature and perhaps your children may not like it. Similarly even the elders need to modify their views and attitudes in keeping with the changing times.

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