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          HEMA Foundation in presenting HEM harmonize  the "Teacher Manual for Value Integration" from Grade I to Grade X to our beloved teaching faternity in school education.  There may have been innumerable reasons why values from the society are disappearing, but there cannot be two opinions about the significance of educational institutions in restoring the culture and values of the society. When they say, 'values are to be caught, it is leaving a high degree of moral responsibility on the part of our teachers and this manual is our humble effort to lesson that burden for them. 

           This manual is not a substitute to the academic teaching lesson plan, but is supplementary assistance to the academic text) Nevertheless, the teachers are at perfect liberty to choose and aptly use the learning materials/activities wherever they find them relevant. This manual would be of great use to the teachers as they are written by practicing teachers in the school system and after through research and therefore, the general difficulties of teachers such as completion of portions in the given time to teach the subjects etc are taken care of. In fact, some of the lessons have been written after seeing their practical applications in actual classrooms.

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