Hema Foundation is a philanthropic arm of the Ram Ratna Group, working towards imparting CULTURAL & MORAL EDUCATION to children at a very impressionable young age. The foundation looks to enlighten children about the key roles played by parents and society in shaping them into fine individuals. It aims to cultivate better and compassionate understanding of their responsibilities towards Self, Family, Society, the Nation at large, and help them become better human beings.


The importance of Value Education has been long recognized but the methods to impart have not been definitive. Seeing is Believing. There is no impact quite like a visual impact. With this understanding, the foundation has produced few short films on Human Values with strong meaningful messages. An interactive session between the teacher and the children on the relevant subject, followed by playing of the documentaries and ending with resolutions, would be an high impact method to drive the point across into the hearts and minds of children.