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HEM-Virtues is aimed to be placed in the hands of educators, school administrators and teachers who have been asking for a workable framework that contains a clear picture of how to carry out education for values in schools. HEM-Virtues serves as a blueprint to help school personnel improve their understanding and practices in providing education for the holistic development of students in a more systematic and focused way. 

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HEM Manthan - HEMA Foundation started the second series of HEM Manthan, a panel discussion on topics related to Values. The second series will be spread over 6 months covering the period January to June 2022 and each month will cover a specific topic related to Value Education. This platform is an ideas churning platform for educators to come, engage, discuss and churn out effective strategies related to implementation of Value Education.

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HEM Sampark covers the following:


Morning Mantra | Day's importance | Day's Challenge - Quiz Format | Pledge for the Day, where Teachers & Students engage actively by narrating the Morning Mantra, understand the day’s importance, play quiz and also undertake pledge covered in HEM Sampark.

Currently 4402 schools across India receive HEM Sampark early in the morning between 5 to 6 am. It is

shared in PDF format file and is sent 365 days a year, on a daily basis.

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HEM Disha - HEMA Foundation has prepared a teacher guide book called "HEM Disha - Giving Wings to your Dreams". In which each subject, every life value has been presented with great simplicity and interest through many activities. Activities include thoughts, Sanskrit shlokas, Sanskrit dialogues, questions on life skills, value-adding stories, themes, poems. motivational dramas, crossword puzzles, scrambles, sports, songs based on human values, Chote Kadam Badhate Kadam, and finally the resolution.  A total of 32 subjects of HEM Disha have been divided into 8 life-values according to the age of the children respectively.

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HEMformation - ‘Transformation like gold'. Gold gets purified each time when it comes in fire and like that the students who get into
tough situations of life, the Values brought out or learned, must support them for a transformation. The HEMformation, therefore, deals with those Values that are slowly to be adapted by the students across all grades with relevant stories and activities. Stories and narration of them have been the medium used in elucidating the Values, because stories have a great impact on children and it is found that they last long in their minds. HEMformation series have taken the effort to illustrate through this medium of stories from the Puranas, Upanishads, Vedas and has taken life histories of illustrious people who lived in India and the world and who made humanity proud. The CBSE and NCERT have designed those Values that are necessarily to be imbibed by the students while they are at school and the book series depends on those Values for illustration. There is a subtle thread of connectivity between all
these Values so that the holistic purpose of this effort is achieved.

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HEMharmonize comes to the teachers like a whiff of fresh air supporting the integration of values, orientation towards skills and a plan for teaching the subject topic. Values are caught and not taught.

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HEM Shikhar is another initiative that focuses on guiding the youth with real-life lessons from noted luminaries. HEM Shikhar is a platform where established names of society provide the necessary motivation and inspiration to our aspiring corporate professionals, longing academic professionals, and passionate academia. Hem Shikhar has got multiple youth platforms, universities, colleges, and clubs as its proud partners, who have been showering their unconditional support for this cause.

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HEM उद्गघोष is Monthly Bulletin from HEMA Foundation. It covers every initiatives in the field of VALUE EDUCATION through enriching and informative contents. Our aim through HEM उद्गघोष is to offer a consistent source of information and motivation to our educators fraternity.

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