Testimonial 3



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                                                                                                      Date: 27/04/2017



The Hema foundation,


Respected Madam/Sir,


                                    Herewith sending the feedback of different movies sent to us by your foundation,   after getting the copy from you madam it was shown to all the students in all the classes of our English medium school.  This movies created by you are really worth seeing because they give value education to the students which we are missing now a today’s generation.  I would like to give my own experience, when we started showing this short movies regarding value education to the students they all enjoyed it , it to be noteworthy that one of our students found 50 rs note in the school premises during the recess time, after recess the student came to my office and reported about finding of the money, i appreciated for his good work gave back the money to the student who has lost it , and appreciated the student by making common announcements for his good work, when i was talking to him he replied that he has seen the movies which talks about the different values like honesty, respect and due to which he has change in himself and he will continue the same throughout his life.  

I on behalf of my Sanstha, School, Teaching, non Teaching and most important the students would like to thanks you for such a wonderful work done, we wish you all the best in your future ventures.

Thanking you                                                                         yours faithfully,

                                                                                             Dr. Mr. Susheel V Joshi                  

                                                                                             Head Master Secondary Section

                                                                                              Shivaji Shikshan Sanstha

                                                                                              Ghatkapor Mumbai 75.