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Sitaram Mill Marathi Municial School

Sitaram Mill Marathi Municial School



Hema foundation 


       I am very  grateful  to  Hema foundation  for coming  up with such a good project in value education: 

In my school  shree D. J Doshi gurukul eng med high school Tilak road Ghatkopar east  we have  2 periods in week for every class from 5th  to 8th  std (16divisions) teachers are trained  well to give introduction  about the valueto be inculcated, to show the movie  and for resolution.


School Name

अनुभवातून शिक्षण ज्ञान हे घोकंपट्टीने मिळत नाही| तर अनुभवातून, व्यवहारिक अनुभवाने मिळते| संस्कार हे सुद्धा आपल्या चांगल्या वागण्यातून, अनुकरणीय वागण्यातून  मिळत असते.

Shivaji Shikshan Sanstha


Herewith sending the feedback of different movies sent to us by your foundation,   after getting the copy from you madam it was shown to all the students in all the classes of our English medium school.  This movies created by you are really worth seeing because they give value education to the students which we are missing now a today’s generation.

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